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October has arrived, and with it we see the return of a very special event – One Special Day!

This Friday, October 7th, we join our amazing friends over at SpecialEffect to help raise money and awareness for those who have physical disabilities that love playing video games!


SpecialEffect is a charity that is committed to helping people who have physical disabilities and love playing video games of all kinds. Everyone’s abilities are different, so SpecialEffect visits people to find out what it is they want to play and what support they need to play it. They then go away and find solutions that can help to modify or create equipment to lend to the people who need it. This is of course accompanied with all the support you could imagine so that the most can be made from the equipment and all completely free of charge to the beneficiary

SpecialEffect provides support with all different types of equipment. Ranging from voice control, modified gaming controllers, or even eye control systems, every piece of equipment they send out is personalized. This means that the incredibly dedicated team works so hard to make sure that the individual is definitely matched with the equipment that helps them the most. Many of the individuals they work with are also in high-risk groups in terms of their general health, so over the past 18 months, the charity has switched to remote assessments via video calls in order to keep providing their services, at a time when it has become more important than ever before.

Once SpecialEffect takes away new learnings from individuals, these are shared globally with as many people as possible so others around the world can find new ways to get gaming too!


One Special Day is an exceptional charity event encouraging games from all over the gaming industry to come together with their communities to help raise money for a great cause.

Games can change lives for the better and we know that the CSR2 community is one of the very best out there! So, we want to do all we can to help and so 100% of the NET revenue generated from CSR2 on October 7th will be donated to SpecialEffect’s One Special Day event. No matter what it is that you purchase from CSR2, the NET revenue from that spend will go directly to the charity.


If you still want to know more, check out this video with SpecialEffect CEO and Founder – Dr. Mick Donegan:

You can visit the One Special Day website HERE and the SpecialEffect website HERE, in case there is anything else you wish to know or you would like to help them out even further!

We hope you’ll join us on October 7th and help make the joy of gaming accessible to all!