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Racers, wait no more, Race Pass has arrived! Read below to learn everything you need to know when you hit the streets.

Race Pass allows you to earn more rewards throughout the Chapter by completing a variety of tasks. It’s available to players Level 20 and above, and consists of a Free Track and a Premium Track. Both tracks have a variety of great rewards, but purchasing the Paid Track means you will earn rewards from both tracks as you progress.

Complete tasks to progress through the tracks, hit milestones, and start collecting those sweet rewards. What’s great is these tasks work just like already existing daily goals and come in a variety of levels

  • Four Daily Tasks are present every day and are usually the easiest to complete.

  • Weekly Tasks reset every seven days and usually require a bit more work to complete.

  • Bonus Tasks are the hardest to complete and only become available once all the Weekly Tasks have been completed.

Completing tasks will grant you points that inch you closer to each reward milestone, with a total of 21 milestones in each track.

Now let’s talk about what you really came for; rewards. Each time you hit a milestone, you will be rewarded depending on which track you’re on. Free track rewards for those on the free track, and both free and premium rewards for those on the premium track.

Exclusive Rewards:

Universal Parts are an exciting new feature that will allow you to bypass model and manufacturer limitations to upgrade, fuse, or restore any car!

  • Universal Upgrades instantly upgrade any car. (Although, cool-down will still be applicable!)

  • Universal Restoration Tokens restore any part of a Legend car.

  • Universal Fusion Parts can

    be fit into the fusion slots of any car

    . They come in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic rarities.

Rare Cars will be offered after completing the 21st milestone on each track and are a great way to help you fill in any gaps in your collection and earn more rare cars.

  • Choose 1 out of 3 Gold Star cars on the Free Track.

  • Choose 1 out of 3 Purple Star cars on the Premium Track.

In addition to these exclusive rewards, there is plenty of cash, gold, and keys to be earned along the way.

Simple as that! We’re kicking off our very first Race Pass today, October 27th which will run through the end of the Chapter. See you on the track!