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Make your mark with Elite Tuners! Let your love of cars meet the limits of your imagination with customization like never before. Building on Elite Customs, here’s what you can expect with the biggest expansion yet:

  • Brand New Cars

    • Unique Japanese cars for you to collect featuring the likes of the Toyota GR Supra

  • Deeper Customisation

    • More options available to take your expression and racer identity to a new level with body kits, wings, tires, rims, full-body wraps, and more

  • Elevated Performance

    • Additional fusion slots, to fit more parts and take your car performance higher

  • Milestone Rewards

    • With dedicated milestones, you can unlock a certain type of customization, RP bonuses, star rarity boost, and… extra fusion slots!

  • New Crew and Campaign

    • Introducing Tashimi X! Learn about this crew through a compelling narrative with tough choices

  • Special Events

    • Take part in new events and earn rare rewards to fuel your Elite Tuners collection

New Elite Tuner Cars:

  • Toyota GR Supra

  • 2017 Nissan GT-R (R-35)

  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)


How long will Elite Tuners last?

  • Elite Tuners starts on 12/09/2020 and is a permanent fixture in CSR2 until completed.

Which device is recommended to ensure a good performance for Elite Tuners? We recommend the best performance for Elite Tuners to be on the following devices:

  • Any iOS device that’s iPhone 7 or newer.

  • Any Android device with 2GB of RAM or more.

Why are some tracks not available on my device? The updated East Coast tracks are enabled on the following devices:

  • Any iOS device that’s iPhone 7 or newer.

  • Any Android device with 2GB of RAM or more.

  • Anything below those specs will not receive the new tracks for 2.17.

How fast are the Elite Tuner cars?

  • The Elite Tuner cars will be positioned to be highly competitive for their associated Tiers. All the cars come as stock with their top-end performance being unlocked through the use of Elite Customs.

Why is the car displayed as a create in the dealership?

  • We want to keep some cars a Mystery so they’re currently showing as Mystery Crates in the dealership. As each Chapter is made available these Crates will be switched for those cars.

Where and How can I find or unlock the Chapter car?

  • You can find all the cars inside the ELITE TUNER section of the Dealership or via the ELITE TUNER EVENT HUB which is unlocked after completing the Trials of Tashimi event.

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Why can’t I use all my Liberty Walk cars in the Liberty Walk event?

  • The Elite Tuners campaign stretches out for many months so you’ll have the chance to use your entire Liberty Walk collection across multiple events. With such an amazing range of cars to collect we want to ensure that the Liberty Walk brand is celebrated in the best possible way. Keep an eye out as Warato Kato might return in the future (smile).

Where can I spend my Elite Tuner Currency?

  • You can spend the Elite Tuner Credits via the Event Currency Shop which can be accessed via the Event Hub in the Tashimi X area of the map. You need to complete


    event before the Event Hub will be made available to you.

Why did the item disappear from the Event Shop when I purchased it?

  • Each item in the shop has a limited purchase limit. Check back with every Chapter when the shop is refreshed and new items are available.

Where can I find Elite Tuner Credits?

  • You can earn the unique Elite Tuner Credits from the Weekly Trials, certain limited-time events, and the main campaign events. The credits can be used to purchase further items in the Elite Tuner Event Hub found in the Tashimi X area of the map.

Where can I find Elite Custom Currency? Elite Custom Currency can be used to unlock Elite Custom Milestones for your Elite Tuner cars. This unique currency can be found in the following places;

  • Weekly Showdown events: Elite and Championship Showdown

  • Elite Tuner Event Currency shop (Event Hub access required)

  • Weekly Crew Trial found in the Tashimi X area of the map.

  • A new Daily Trail which rotates with the existing Daily Trials (Rank 20 required to access)

  • A variety of bundle options

Why can’t I enter the Weekly Trials?

  • To be eligible to enter the Weekly Trials you need to be part of a Crew. You can enter a Crew by entering the Crew Hangout, accessible from the Garage.

How do I unlock the Weekly Trial milestones?

  • You will need to work with your Crew to meet the race requirement to unlock each milestone reward in the weekly trial. The more people you have in a crew entering the event the better the chance of reaching the higher milestone rewards.

How do I increase my car’s star rarity rating?

  • During the campaign events, you’ll need to meet event restrictions around your car’s star rating. For Elite Tuner (and all Elite Custom cars) you can upgrade the star rating through Elite Customs by unlocking the required milestone.

What are the Evolution Cups? Evolution Cups are rerun of the chapters campaign events at an increased difficulty;

  • Evolution Cups offer higher more desirable rewards

  • Exclusive cosmetic items are only available through the Evolution Cups

  • The narrative from that Chapter campaign will trigger in the same fashion so you experience the story again.

  • Each Chapter Evolution Cup event unlocks in the same fashion as the main campaign events requiring you to complete the previous Chapter Evolution Cup before you can access it.

Who are the new Crew introduced with Elite Tuners?

  • The new crew are known as “Tashimi X”. While honorable, Tashimi X are confident in their plan to win every race going. Knowing fame in Japan, they aren’t interested in street cred. They simply want to make money. However, with fame comes a problem and Noro (Crew Leader) worries that their reputation may spook other racers from gambling against them.

Full FAQ here – https://zyngasupport.helpshift.com/a/csr-2/?p=all&s=announcements&f=2-17-elite-tuners&l=en